Business Consulting


Our Business Consulting services are dedicated to understanding companies and their industries, mapping out how technological changes and consumer behavior impact their business. We create strategic scenarios based on robust financial models that enable more informed decision-making and the implementation of the best alternative for our clients. With our experience in various sectors, the technical capacity of our team, and the efficiency of our project management methodology, we accelerate the understanding of scenarios and the execution of the necessary proposals for our clients' businesses.

Our focus is to support our clients in evaluating and making strategic decisions, as well as leading the execution of movements and projects necessary for the implementation and success of their businesses.

Rodrigo Franco Lima - Head de Business Consulting

Rodrigo Franco Lima - Head of Business Consulting

Rodrigo Franco Lima - Head of Business Consulting


    Construção Estratégica

    Our strategic construction service is based on a detailed strategic, financial, and operational diagnosis of our clients, combined with a comprehensive analysis of their industry, competitive landscape, channels, new business models, M&A sectoral scenario, value chains, and the impacts of market and consumer trends. Based on these analyses, we build strategic alternatives for our clients, reflected in a long-term financial planning that supports decision-making and measures the generation of value for the company.

    Financial Planning

    We provide economic, financial, and strategic advice to companies in the process of growth. Our approach is based on a continuous review and monitoring of the financials with a permanent strategic view and a long-term vision. We assist companies from economic and financial modeling to project execution, with periodic alignment assessments with the strategic drivers. 

    Strategic Operational Implementation

    We specialize in developing projects that involve high-complexity strategic and operational implementation, with a focus on results-oriented management. Our approach includes cascading objectives to the executive team and developing action plans for performance improvement. These projects are aimed at disciplined plan execution and result consolidation, with ongoing monitoring of performance metrics and interventions to correct deviations from the planned course.

    Special Projects

    Our special projects involve the creation and development of new business segments, implementation of new products and services, economic and financial evaluation of different scenarios, and new investment opportunities. In addition, they may include the structuring of departments, as well as the operational and process restructuring in which Bateleur relies on specialized professionals.