Mergers & Acquisitions


The professional execution of an M&A operation is a highly strategic and sensitive topic for any company or shareholder, as this type of transaction often represents one of the most significant decisions in the life cycle of a business. Advising on a transaction is a comprehensive and intense activity that requires expertise in multiple areas of knowledge.

At Bateleur, we stand out for our close relationship with clients and our profound knowledge of all the rites, processes, and practices involved in an M&A transaction, from the initial discussion with the mapping of opportunities and target assets, valuation, and due diligence coordination, to the final stage of negotiation and monitoring of the transaction's closure, including signing and closing. Our team of experts is highly qualified, with vast experience and a track record of successful operations in various sectors of both national and international markets, specializing in mergers and acquisitions (sell-side and buy-side) and fundraising.

Andreas Stampe - Head of Mergers & Acquisitions



    The process of merging companies is based on the principle of combining forces, competencies, and resources, allowing different business groups to jointly aim for or achieve results that would be difficult to attain individually. In these transactions, Bateleur seeks to generate value for both parties through mapping out market growth possibilities, identifying challenges, and necessary governance adjustments, enabling business consolidation and maximizing the value of the companies involved.



    The process of acquiring a company is a significant strategic decision that requires careful planning, precise evaluation, and effective execution to ensure the long-term success of the acquired company. It involves several stages, ranging from market assessment and identification of potential targets to closing the deal, including target company valuation, negotiation, and due diligence. At Bateleur, we support our clients through every stage of the acquisition process, building the necessary analyses and negotiations to successfully execute planned acquisitions according to the strategy defined with our clients.

    M&A sales

    Selling a company is a major milestone for shareholders who have dedicated years of hard work and effort to build it. It represents a liquidity event that can impact multiple generations of shareholders or families. To provide our clients with the necessary confidence during the decision-making process, we work closely with them to develop detailed analyses of the company's performance, the players in the industry, and the potential impact of future trends and perspectives on their business. This enables us to evaluate the company's current and future strategic position and develop a strategic thesis for the transaction, including its financial implications.


    At Bateleur, we offer comprehensive and robust structured financing solutions for clients with growth plans, ranging from evaluating capital structures to identifying the most suitable funding options, such as debt, equity, or hybrid instruments. We also carefully assess the long-term financial impact of the chosen financing option on our clients' strategic plans. Our services include sourcing and securing the necessary financial resources to implement our clients' growth plans.