Our professionals have extensive executive experience in financial institutions, banks, and credit unions, leading highly complex projects that qualify us to assist in the construction and definition of business strategies with the institutions' boards, leading the execution of necessary movements for project implementation and success. We also work in structuring new financial services operations, new product operations, operational improvement, growth strategy, area and process restructuring, joint ventures, M&A, and other initiatives.

Our experience in financial services also allows us to have a solid performance in different market institutions, such as retail and wholesale banks, credit unions, finance companies, investment management, consortium administrators, brokers, and insurance companies, among others.

    New Business and Product Structuring

    We build the Business Plan for structuring new financial services businesses, including market analysis, strategic business thesis construction, required investments for implementation, and definition of expected margins and revenues. Based on these premises, we develop the necessary financial analysis and modeling to evaluate the feasibility of the new operation, its impact on the capital structure, funding needs, and expected results.

    Credit cycle management.

    We work on the diagnosis and development of credit strategies, the development of statistical models for credit risk estimation for delinquency and expected loss, the development of credit policies, implementing and adjusting management, collection and risk analysis processes, as well as monitoring indicators to track the performance of our clients' portfolios based on best market practices. 

    Funding Management and Capital Structure

    Based on each client's business strategy, we work on building resource mobilization plans and structuring the minimum capital required to support the development and growth plans of institutions by structuring long-term operations in the capital market.

    Strategic Planning

    We lead the development or revision of our clients' strategic planning with the aim of choosing the best positioning of the institution in the market. We review their business model, target audience, product portfolio, distribution channels, operational structure, and governance to achieve the desired results. Our proposals are based on a financial modeling with long-term projections to measure the impacts of implementing the strategy on our clients' performance.corper elementum. 

    Operational improvement

    We develop projects aimed at improving management in the companies we advise, evaluating opportunities for revenue generation and cost reduction in operations. We work on the organizational restructuring of institutions with a focus on achieving strategic objectives, seeking to optimize resources and establishing efficient and value-oriented organizational models.


    Our presence in the healthcare industry combines Bateleur's two business units - M&A and Business Consulting - with the expertise of a specialized team focused exclusively on healthcare management projects, encompassing analysis, strategic construction and implementation in existing operations, development of theses and M&A strategies, operational transformation projects, and analysis of the strategic and financial viability of new operations.

    The expertise of our industry-exclusive team allows us to operate across various players in the healthcare industry, including healthcare providers (whether cooperatives, self-management, companies, philanthropic organizations, or public or private healthcare organizations), insurance companies, hospitals, governments, and also diagnostic support services such as clinics, clinical analysis laboratories, and imaging laboratories, among others.

      Healthcare New Business Structuring

      These projects are designed to support investors in the complete design of new healthcare operations, including the construction of a business case and the necessary technical projects. They encompass analysis of the industry and strategic positioning of the business, evaluation of different economic and financial scenarios, determination of cash needs for execution, and search for the best alternatives to raise these funds.

      Healthcare Institution Management Advisory

      We provide management consulting services for healthcare institutions focused on improving operations, both vertical and non-vertical, through the development of strategies, economic and financial management, management of care indicators, value-based payment models, commercial and revenue cycle management, procurement and logistics, among other topics that involve operational improvement for our clients.

      Advisory Services in Clinical Staff Management and Patient Care Improvement

      In these projects, we work on both diagnosing the management of the medical staff, including the development of new strategies, economic-financial modeling, and process implementation, as well as disciplines focused on improving patient care processes and flows. Our focus is on improving the quality of services provided and the patient experience, including the necessary actions, investments, and real impacts on operational efficiency. 

      M&A Planning

      We develop M&A strategies for the healthcare sector aimed at identifying opportunities for vertical integration of operations, the necessary cash required for their execution, and the long-term incremental financial impacts in order to support our clients' decision-making process. We also conduct all necessary negotiations and stages required for the completion of transactions. 


      Bateleur has a strong experience in developing projects for companies from different segments of the agribusiness chain. We combine the expertise of our team of specialists with our own project execution methodology, which allows us to work in stages that range from the construction of strategy, long-term financial planning, cash management, analysis and structuring of debt funding, identification of opportunities and synergies in the agribusiness chain, to the implementation of the strategy and projects developed for our clients. With our M&A expertise, we evaluate growth and expansion opportunities through acquisitions, mergers, and new structured operations.

        M&A Planning

        We develop M&A strategies tailored to the agribusiness sector. Bateleur identifies opportunities within the production chains, evaluating and operationalizing vertical integration processes, as well as the need for cash to execute them and all the incremental long-term impacts, in order to support our clients' decision-making process.

        New Business Structuring

        Our New Business Structuring projects are focused on the conception, elaboration, and implementation of new businesses in the agricultural sector. These initiatives may involve inter-cooperation, joint ventures, or the creation and development of new operations, whether for established businesses or new entrants. Within the scope of these projects, we analyze the involved supply chains, competitive market landscape, strategic positioning of the business, and conduct a thorough economic and financial evaluation of different scenarios. We also identify the required investments and search for the best alternatives to obtain funding for their execution.

        Strategic Management and Governance for Agricultural

        The organizational and management structure of cooperatives has its own particularities and peculiarities, and when it comes to agricultural cooperatives, these characteristics become even more evident. Our team of executives has over 20 years of experience creating tailor-made solutions for these organizations, shaping executive governance models, building and consolidating strategies, and implementing new management models.

        Strategic Construction and Governance

        With our track record in the industry, serving clients from different parts of the production chain, we develop the strategic construction of projects by combining our market knowledge with our clients' history and performance. Based on a detailed strategic, financial, and operational diagnosis and a comprehensive analysis of their competitive environment, we build strategic alternatives for our clients reflected in a long-term financial plan that supports decision-making and measures the actual value generated for the company.

        Operational and Organizational Improvement

        We develop projects with a focus on improving our clients' management, evaluating and acting on their business processes, as well as operational flows and processes. Our team works on the organizational restructuring of companies, adapting their resources to achieve strategic objectives and seeking optimization while establishing efficient management and governance models aimed at creating value.