Food and Beverages

Due to a positive outlook for the year, the food industry has begun to grow once again thanks to favorable economic indicators. Guided by global trends, the sector predicts important transformations linked to fresh consumption demands and a highly competitive environment. Bateleur monitors these events and offers its clients strategies to increase their value based on studies and extensive sectoral analysis, in line with the particularities of client companies.

Construction e Real State

The performance of the civil construction sector was severely affected by Brazil’s economic scenario in recent years. Over the next few years, industry-related companies will be impacted by the positive economic forecast and structural changes, which will include materials, equipment and constructive technologies. Bateleur boasts a dedicated team specialized in this segment, focused on guiding clients on how to plan and structure their operations to optimize their market positions and add value to the company.


Prioritizing the sector with the greatest transformative capacity in Brazil is indispensable in the current scenario. Within this area, Bateleur is focused on assessing trends highly impacted by innovation and technology, developing scenarios and outlining them according to client needs, establishing the most suitable strategy to add value to the school and sponsoring executives or entities, while also making it competitive in an environment susceptible to transformation.


Optimism among companies reiterated the outlook for growth highlighted in studies. Applying global experience, Bateleur assesses the scenarios, risks and opportunities and defines strategies aimed at generating better outcomes and increasing the long-term value. 


Physical stores vs e-commerce, paying via mobile, buying online and in-store pick up are just some of the dilemmas and trends that impact the retail sector, coupled with the instability of the Brazilian economic scenario, impacting inflation, consumer confidence and the generation of employment. Bateleur works alongside its clients on the quest to discover the most suitable solutions for their growth and performance in the market.


Software, hardware and telecommunications companies stand out due to their rapid and constant transformation, which requires both planning and strategic adaptability. This area is vitally important in directly influencing the development and advance of other sectors. After outlining the operational and financial diagnosis, Bateleur delivers tailored analyses and guidelines, in full accord with each client’s needs.

Machines and Equipment

Following a constant period of decline, the machines and equipment sector is once again beginning to present positive performance, leveraged chiefly through the export of capital goods. The industry still enjoys a solid base thanks to its vast history generating resources and technology for production.Bateleur has the task of informing its clients of opportunities for expansion in accord with the macroeconomic and sectoral environments, along with the most adequate strategy for this purpose and future negotiations. 


The Energy sector is currently based on innovation and new technologies as the primary sources of the energy matrix. Bateleur seeks to optimize resources and promote sustainability by developing customized strategies for energy generation, transmission, and distribution. We assist in the conception and acquisition of resources for investments in renewable energy sources, driving the transition towards a cleaner and more sustainable energy future.


The Logistics sector in Brazil is highly transformative and based on innovation and technology. Bateleur continuously assesses trends, develops customized strategies, and analyzes competitiveness in the industry. Adding value to business choices through the logistics sector occurs when we drive the success of organizations in areas such as inventory management, route optimization, and supply chain coordination.